Nottinghamshire Based myVbook Celebrates Rapid Expansion - 'The Midlands Business News'

Nottinghamshire based is celebrating its rapid expansion today after gaining thousands of members across 26 countries worldwide.

The myVbook software allows the business user to create a unique online 'virtual book' or brochure which can be customised, edited and easily shared.

Mark Joyner, Managing Director at myVbook, said: "Since its launch in April, myVbook has steadily gained a wide demographic of members keen to reap the time and cost saving benefits from utilising our dynamic, multimedia rich software to re-energise their marketing campaigns." 

"The myVbook software allows users to easily insert many types of media, including videos, pictures, text and audio - making it ideal for those keen to avoid static marketing tools. We've enjoyed excellent feedback from SMEs, who are impressed by how quickly and inexpensively they are able to create vibrant, professional marketing campaigns 'in house' -  whilst utilising pre-existing graphics created for mailed catalogues, brochures and newsletters."

The concept for myVbook came about through research into existing software all of which allowed onscreen book creation with the finished result being printed and mailed - typically at a cost of around £40.  Mark identified how best this technology could be refined and so developed his innovative and user friendly software, which he's managed to make available from as little as £1 per month.

Mark added: "The myVbook software is now being used by local charities, hospices, football teams, schools and a wide range of SMEs; of course, we are also delighted that so many individuals are sharing their Vbooks worldwide - celebrating social occasions, family events, weddings and parties.  Not only have we made use of Amazon's worldwide servers to store and stream our content, we have also adopted the latest payment portal technology from Barclays, which allows us to take every currency on the planet."

Tina Clough, owner of Poppy-PR, has recommended myVbook to her entire client portfolio, she said: "I came across myVbook a few weeks ago and was extremely impressed with the software's capabilities.  Working in public relations means that many of my clients require brochure production, and those that have invested in this software consider it to be true 'marketing gold' ".

"Although Flash has been around for many years, it hasn't been a technology easily used by the general public - it has been reserved for developers.  MyVbook has strived to make this technology affordable and useable by everyone", added Mark.


MyVbook Celebrates Rapid Expansion - 'The Insider' 

The founder of a fledgling Nottinghamshire business has told Insider that his online virtual book has garnered interest from Premier League football clubs alongside other household names. Mark Joyner founded in April this year, and has already sold the product to customers in 26 countries worldwide. Joyner, whose customers hail from Romania, Estonia and Australia, said that expanding into foreign markets has “made up about 50 per cent of the order book”.

Joyner founded the online book, which can be customised, edited and shared, after looking for an alternative to photo albums.

Joyner said: “We are really delighted with the way the business has taken off. It’s expanded very organically – the product has been used by companies to send out newsletters, and by customers wanting to share wedding and holiday photographs and footage.”

He said that because the product is sold online, it is able to be “translated across the globe”.

He added: “Expanding into other countries has definitely been a big part of our business, about 50 per cent of our sales are coming from abroad at the moment.”

“International expansion is definitely the way forward.”

He also said the company had been in major talks with Premier League football clubs among other big business names.

“The software is now being used by local charities, hospices, football teams, schools and a wide range of SMEs. The UK base is also expanding at quite a rapid rate. It’s certainly an exciting time for us," said Joyner.

The company employs 20 developers in the Midlands. Joyner adds: “As well as the core team, we also outsource a lot of the work to other businesses."


MyVbook takes bridal industry by storm - 'The Midlands Business News'

The online brochure specialists at Nottinghamshire based myVbook are expanding into the weddings market this month with the launch of a brand new application.

Hailed as 'innovative and unique', myVbook is set to take the bridal industry by storm, allowing newlyweds to easily create their very own online 'virtual book' made up of wedding photographs, audio clips and even video.

The brainchild of 29-year-old Mark Joyner, the myVbook software has been gaining an avid following with those opting for an overseas wedding, where relaying the day's fond memories to friends and family was, until now, problematic.

Mark Joyner, Managing Director at myVbook, said: "Although we originally developed the software with businesses and charities in mind, the social applications of myVbook are endless. This has been highlighted over the last few months as users have been sending us their wedding Vbooks."

With their aim of 'putting the heart back into the art of communication', myVbook has been launched at a time when, due to the recession, many couples are making cutbacks and opting for smaller weddings where, sadly, not everyone is able to attend.

With membership from as little as £12 a year, myVbook is the dynamic software which vibrantly 'captures the emotion' and brings to life the best man's speech, the moment the bride walks down the aisle, and even footage of the first dance set against your favourite soundtrack.

Mark added: "Traditionally, wedding albums have been static and were shared with very few people before then being left, unopened, on a shelf.  Our software is the perfect medium for couples to enjoy creating an exciting and unique video photo album - to easily share with friends and family worldwide at the click of a button."