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How It Works


We would like to offer you a FREE TRIAL as we know you'll enjoy creating and sharing your own personal virtual books. Simply click the 'Try it Free' button above. We are sure you will be surprised how easy it is to create.


We suggest you create a folder on your desktop for each myVbook you are creating. Place in this folder all the pictures, audio and movies you want to use.If you would like to upload a .pdf page, simply save the .pdf as a .jpeg and upload it into your Vbook, just as you would an image.


Time to get your creative juices going and create a virtual book you are proud of and want. No design experience is needed but please watch out tutorials on above tab or our YouTube videos to get the most out of your membership.


You can preview your book at any stage - please remember to SAVE before you press PREVIEW. In 'Preview' mode you can see how your Vbook will look to others when you 'SHARE' it.  Only you can change your book, (unless you give others your username and password).


When you click the 'SHARE' button it generates a unique link to your  virtual book which you can either email or maybe you want to share with all your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin contacts, the choice is yours.

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